A Poem I Wrote Some Years Ago

image for I am poem2image for I am poem

I am the summer breeze and the birds singing sweetly in the trees
I am the rain that falls and the echoing sounds that call
I am the ocean wave flapping against the shore
I am the tidal rush of this I can be sure

I am the drops of rain running down the window pane
I am the swallow in the sky ducking and diving and soaring high
I am the reed on the river bed and the mountains up on high
I am the stone and the rock, the flowers and the trees, the humming birds and the bees
I am the wind, the rain and fall
I am the breath of all

I am the song that you sing
I am the whisper in the wind
I am the beetle on the ground and

I am that which cannot be found
I am the one that guides your hand
I am the pebbles in the sand and all that lives upon this land
I am the clouds and ocean spray
I am the mist and night and day
I am the world and everything in it, the stars, the moon and sun
I am the road I travel of which there is no-one and when I get to my journey’s end I will have found that there never really was a me just an ever shifting ground
I am the cloud up in the sky
I am not here, I did not die
I am all things and no-thing



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