Spiritual Tsunami-Illumination

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The importance of creating a sacred space cannot be underestimated, a sacred space within your heart is a good place to start but in order to marry the outer & inner it is necessary to create a sacred space without too. Sacred spaces are vehicles to anchor Divine energy. Your home is a great place to create such a space either a designated place in a room or a whole room specifically allocated for this purpose if possible. Creating a sacred space brings that pure & unadultered energy in, producing a catalyst for a Tsunami of Peace. Not an ordinary peace, peace to transmute all non-peace.

The sacred space can symbolise an ending & new beginning, a drawing together of the alpha & omega, a transmutation & leap from dualism, the creation of a unified energy field. Everyone who enters there will be touched by divine light like entering a fertile spring.

As individuals and as a collective, we are called upon to match our vibration with Earth’s ascending rhythms. Building sacred spaces calling the collective to action, to prepare. Going deeper into our spiritual work. Being the calm eye of the storm whilst unplugging from the mainstream chaos, this is an important aspect. Relinguishing all unnecessary distractions and focusing on the pure clear spiritual light from the seat of the soul.

We are carrying the baton of our forefathers to anchor PEACE during this harmonic convergence, lighting the torch, honouring those who went before us, who all helped to prepare the ground for this auspicious event. The time to build a sacred space is NOW.


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