A World In Crisis

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Everybody wants peace right? Ok, some do not but for those who do it is time to face your shadow. The shadow is something we all have until we face it. The shadow energy is not bad in itself all, ultimately, is good. It is judging energy as good/bad & holding onto it instead of allowing it to pass through which manifests as illness & dis-ease in the individual creating a loss of equilibrium. All experience is to be experienced & let go whether that be deemed to be good or bad. Everything is just passing through us.

Experiences become toxic if held onto. By holding onto experiences we lose our equilibrium on a personal level which builds toxicity within us this fuels our society as a collective and since there is no separation it is impossible for a build up of toxicity in an individual to remain contained within them. It is inevitable the toxicity will be projected outward into the world. This toxicity creates the world we see out there it powers judgement, aggression, terror, injustice.

Everyone can do their bit to create the change they want to see by taking responsibility for their own shadow. Yes it is difficult, Yes it is painful but as you peel back the layers one by one & look at it, withdrawing your energy from the toxic build-up know that you are contributing to the whole, bringing peace, restoring equilibrium to a world we all mostly want to see where harmony, balance & unconditional love can once again reign supreme.

I did the shadow work on myself I know how difficult it is to do this work alone. I became an energy healing practitioner after having an epiphany that my higher purpose is to assist those who are ready to enter into shadow work to release trapped energy from within themselves, those who are sick of non-peace who wish to know the joy that being in equilibrium brings.

You only need the shadow until you don’t need it anymore. It is not either that we are getting rid of something rather transforming it because it needs to be transformed for the sake of humanity & our planet.

If this speaks to you & you would like to know more feel free to contact me through the contact area of my page, thank you.



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