3 Indicators That You May Have Trapped Energy

connected-dots-cosmic-neon-hd for blog

  1. Pain, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual

Often times pain signifies that something is wrong & needs to be looked at whether

that be on a physical level or on more subtle emotional, spiritual levels. When

the energetic balance between mind, body & spirit is in alignment then there is

equilibrium which is our natural state.

2.    Feelings of unease, like something is wrong which you can’t put your finger on 

This can take the form of nagging doubts, feelings of needing to do something which

you are not doing but don’t know what to do. Feelings of being lost, worry, anxiety,

feeling out of sync.

3.     Stressed, Depressed & Overwhelm

We’ve all been there. Lack of focus, low energy levels, difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, too much to do, not enough time. Impending doom.



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