Spring is in the air!



With new leaves sprouting and flowers blooming all around, it looks like the earth has come to life again. Snow melts, fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and everything gets a refreshing touch. Birds seem merrier than ever, their song and fragrance of flowers fills the air and gives a wonderful experience for all our senses. It is a season of new beginnings. 

For many, it is also a time for celebration. The Jews celebrate Passover, the Christians celebrate Easter, Nowruz is celebrated in Iran and some other Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries, and in Albania Dita e Veres is observed. Many other parts of the world also have major events associated with spring. In China, the New Year starts in spring and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Red lanterns can be seen hanging everywhere. It is considered a good time to start new businesses. 

During spring, flower…

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