Meditation Monday

18 thoughts on “Meditation Monday

      1. You’re very welcome. There is much on Adyashanti’s site of interest. If you can join us on Monday’s for the collective meditation for peace that would be great 🙂 it’s 25 minutes or whatever you can manage.


      2. PERFECT, love it! Thank you so much, I’ll join in..I’m definitely without worry to time ..I dont even own a clock lol..thabj you and whwn the sun hits the top of a certain tree ill know and feel it all collaborate..Beautiful

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      3. No lol..I do love doing that though and go off often to write and be entrenched in nature..thats where all comes together for me…I grew up w no TV in the mountains so it came natural to be active and creative..I raised my children w no TV also..we entertained each other, activities, plays in the house, living room was a furniture..the other family room was a dance floor and crafts and games, they did every sport and I barely could keep up with all the dance classes, competitions etc. ..we had pickle ball court in the back yard and we ate at meals together and shared our day and I made everything organic and homemade….I made it a lifestyle, so it worked, every kid came to our house and I never had to worry about my kids that way… NO TV and everyone found their creative self..I still live simple, less is more and I travel on the road a lot just finding the off road wonders of the sink into mother natures wisdom.

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      4. Sounds great & well done you for not conforming to the mass pressure within the mainstream. I live on the edge of mainstream life myself & live simply. Less is definitely more.


      5. Oh I got caught in mainstream a couple times..didnt last long, but I sure experienced it and how fast you can get in the rapid terrain of working and living based on someone elses dreams….so happy to be able to say no and share with so many enlightened people and learn and be a part of what I feel is such a healthier children love both, mainstream and nature so makes a great balance for them, they can do either in a healthy enjoyable glad you get to exoerience the simple life..have you always done that?

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      6. Indeed agree with what you say here & balance is key too. I haven’t always lived the simple life. I was raised in the mainstream & that was all I knew until my awakening I went through a huge shift in consciousness which led me to exploring & realising the truth of who I am in my deepest essence out of which a more simple existence emerged following a big shift in my values.


      7. Thats a beautiful transition from mainstream to that awakening shift..sure offers a new sense of depth and appreciation. Thank you for sharing this amazing shift with the world , as you know our shifts, shift it all. Keep sharing your truths and I look forward to hearing more. I appreciate your willingness in sharing.

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  1. Thank you very much. I tend to write about whatever occurs to me in the moment or if something inspires me. I am happy to respond to questions. In regards to silencing mental noise – watching your thoughts without getting involved in them quietens the mind. If you imagine yourself looking at a movie screen & see your thoughts passing on the screen whilst you are just watching them this gives you a sense of distance between you & your thoughts & eventually they will quieten down. Knowing that you are not your thoughts is key to dis-identifying with them.


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