Everything in life comes to us to serve us in specific ways once it’s job is done it leaves & we have to let go of that old paradigm in order to move on ourselves. When we have re-gained our autonomy we no longer need to be served, we then get to serve life.

What is life calling in you?

10 thoughts on “Service

    1. Hi Kerri thank you very much how kind especially as my blog is so new. I think you ought to have a Sunshine Blogger award your blog is filled with sunshine 🙂 I am not really au fait with the various awards here on wordpress so bear with me I take I share the link you’ve added here to my blog? As it’s Easter I have to go out fairly soon as cooking dinner for my folks. My mother took a bad fall this past week so I am rushing around a lot more trying to keep on top of my own stuff & support her & her partner. I gave her a healing for her wound & within a day the redness had disappeared. I was considering sharing photos I took as the wound was on the back of her head & she wanted to see it but not sure if people would want to see that.


      1. You take all the time you need, no timeline dear…it took me three days to finish and I had been nominated twice..I couldnt figure it out right away ….and still not sure I did it all right..I just did my best..ive been writing a long time..but I havent been interacting until its all new to me as your best and thats not feel obligated at all to doing this or a’s yours to bask in our your heart leads..let it go for now until you get through Easter maybe and moms health and your well being and peace is first…itll be here when you choose to arrive…hugs to you and your mom and have a wonderful Easter, keep healing keep peace, and your awesome.


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