Three Day Quote Challenge! Day One!

I have been nominated for the three day quote challenge by a few people, how nice. Now that I am back from my blogging break let’s get started 🙂

Firstly thank you Awakening Wildflower for nominating me for this challenge. 

I do love quotes & there are so many fabulous quotes. I love Winnie The Pooh’s quotes too.

winnie the pooh quote

To me this is a good reminder to keep things in our heart to live from the heart. Start with the small things because all the big things are not things in themselves they are just the culmination (fruition) of all the small things which turn into ripples building & multiplying until one fine day poomf they arrive in a big splash. I love the way a few words can speak volumes in all kinds of ways & yet they are simple. They inspire without taxing the brain, uplift enough to inspire & remind us of how we can each caste a stone in the great pond to create a ripple melding together with lots of other ripples to reach the great ocean.

I nominate three blogs per day of the challenge so today:




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