The Law Of Grace

The world is becoming an increasingly violent place. This video is a very good illustration of how to burn up one’s own karma & yes it does involve pain but the beautiful thing is it gets much easier. As for those who wrong us in any way they will have to feel the pain of the crime they committed against a being or beings. The importance of knowing this is the being (s) who have been wronged who lash out in some way by arguing or fighting are only adding to their own karma so it is best to let the universe take care of the wrongdoers which it will because that’s just how it works. Natural justice is always fair so do no harm neither in thought nor deed. By no longer investing in thought (because action follows thought which accumulates the toxic overload) we become peaceful, loving, harmonious, joyful, dis-ease does not afflict us. As we honour & respect all life forms seen & unseen the earth (our life support system) our dreams become sweet not toxic.

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