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I am an Internationally Certified Energy Healing Practitioner & a conveyor of the joy of just Being. I have subsequently been called to Shamanism & have completed a course on the Medicine Wheel with Jose & Luis Stevens & invite those feel drawn to working with the medicine wheel to help navigate life’s challenges, set intentions both personal & working in the world. I have studied & hold first class diplomas in Meditation (SAC.Dip Med) and have run meditation & relaxation classes.

I also studied & hold first class diplomas in Neuropsychological Immunlogy (the science of study into the Mind, Body & Spirit) (SAC Dip NPI.) I hold a certificate in The Foundation Of Modern Psychology (cert.) Other studies include a two year foundation course in child development, a certificate in Experience Music as Medicine, business & contract law, speedwriting and copywriting.

I ran my own private counselling practice, counselling which included counselling one or two famous clients and am a member of BACP (The British Association for Counselling  & Pscychotherapy,) (lapsed). I worked as a general counsellor & specialised in working with anxiety disorders.

I previously owned & ran an award winning indie record company.

I am now a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner. I have also completed a course in Experience Music as Medicine & am an Expert Author with Ezine Articles. I utilise a number of techniques in my practice & work under the name of Ray Of Light 144 I am accepting clients online for distance healing & at my practise in Ireland. I am also available for home visits as required within my local area.

I work intuitively with clients tailoring the healing to meet the clients individual needs & I now specialise in helping people to release trapped energy.

I enjoy art, creating videos, photography, cooking, dance & music. I have received an award for artistic beauty for a video I produced & many medals & certificates for dance.

For further information about my services & to book an appointment please contact me at rayoflight144@gmail.com

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