Healing News

I heard yesterday from someone I conducted distant healing for. Her parents, both of whom were going into hospital for operations, sailed through & are recovering now at home. Someone else told me yesterday also (who I conducted 3 healing sessions with) that her cystitis (which she had been dogged by daily for 12 years) […]

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Peace, Now

The Harmonic Convergence is the name given to one of the world’s first globally synchronized meditation events, which occurred on August 16–17, 1987. This event also closely coincided with an exceptional alignment of planets in the Solar System. Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance are the ONLY reality on the New Earth and we are […]

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More about

The Golden Ray When you activate the Golden Ray in your field, you connect with the Great Central Sun, which is the Firstborn of Creation, from where all souls originate. Therefore, when you connect with the Great Central Sun through the Golden Ray of Unity Consciousness, you connect with the highest aspect of your soul, […]

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Creating A Sacred Space

Everyone can create a sacred space in their home, somewhere to sit & quiet the mind, to give thanks, gratitude, solitude from the noisy world, a place to just be, contemplation, reflection. As more people create sacred spaces & use them as above the more the chaos in the world will subside & all the […]

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Spiritual Tsunami-Illumination

The importance of creating a sacred space cannot be underestimated, a sacred space within your heart is a good place to start but in order to marry the outer & inner it is necessary to create a sacred space without too. Sacred spaces are vehicles to anchor Divine energy. Your home is a great place […]

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